• Bread the way you'd make it, if you'd had the time.

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    Thank You to all that have ordered this year, since the launching of Cintheez Family Bread this past April, however we will not be taking any more orders until April 1st, for the Easter holiday.
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    Cinnamon Rolls 

    Half dozen pans (12X10)

    Growing up my memories of cinnamon rolls were from elementary school, a day and time when the school cooks made everything from scratch. Those big beautiful cinnamon rolls on those 6 compartment trays always made it feel like Christmas! Sold by the half dozen (large comes in 12X10 pan) @ 15.00 per half dozen.

    Dinner Rolls 

    White or Wheat

    Growing up, I had two aunts that made dinner rolls, we didn't eat homemade rolls often, but there was always excitement in the air to smell them baking, and you could be sure there was also a pot of pinto beans cooking and a fresh jar of Annie's (my great grandmother) home made Chow Chow to eat with them!

    These 2.5-2.7 ounce light rolls come individually wrapped and can be frozen.

    15.00 per dozen

    Specialty Cakes & Pies 

    Lemon Meringue Pie & Rum Cake

    Lemon Meringue pie 27.00.                        Rum Cake 37.00

    You can now get Cintheez Family Bread cinnamon rolls at Robins Roast Coffee on The Riverwalk in Jenks!

  • About Cintheez Family Bread

    Cintheez Family Bread takes its roots from generations of bread bakers in Ms. Cintheez family. Her bread brings you a taste of the simple pleasures in life. Try dinner rolls or a specialty pie to bring an  extra bit of happiness to your day.


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